University of Warwick announces new research programme using F1 simulation technology for Autonomous Vehicles testing


The University of Warwick has announced a new research programme examining the potential of using Formula 1 training simulation technology for the testing and certification of Autonomous Vehicles.

This programme is co-funded by the UK Government’s innovation agency, Innovate UK. With the market for autonomous vehicles expected to reach £52 billion by 2035, according to government figures, this research programme is a clear indication of the government’s vision for self-driving vehicles to be operating on our roads as early as 2021.

John Frazer, Chief Communications Officer at the Decentralised Autonomous Vehicles Foundation (DAV), said: “The University of Warwick has already made tremendous progress in this space — from technology development, to business model innovation to improving the autonomous vehicle user experience. In this fiercely competitive industry, it makes sense for academic institutions to commit more resources to remain on the cutting edge of this emerging technology.”

“From an industry-wide perspective, adapting existing simulation technology for use with AVs to dramatically reduce the time to market is excellent news. It will doubtlessly spur other companies to consider increasing their investment in tandem, bringing the reality of autonomous vehicles closer, and all the benefits that this will provide.”

With the autonomous vehicle space still being so new, no-one can be sure where the next big breakthrough will come from, so the more people that are capable of developing this technology and expanding the ecosystem, the closer we get as a community to making autonomous vehicles a reality.”