Top Tips for Mechanics to Keep Warm This Winter


The cold snap is nearly upon us, and the temperatures are indeed dropping. That won’t stop mechanics from keeping on the job, and with fixing cars a year-round operation, preparation to keep warm has begun in earnest. As such, ClickMechanic have devised their own top tips for mechanics to keep warm – whether in the workshop, or by the roadside.

Andrew Jervis, Co-Founder of ClickMechanic, said: “Keeping warm has always been tricky for mechanics in the colder months. There is nothing worse than a mechanic not being able to utilise their mechanical expertise properly simply because it is cold. These tips will ensure that mechanics don’t fall victim to the temperatures – and are able to get cars back on the road this winter!”

  1. Invest in a solid pair of gloves – A sturdy pair of mechanics’ gloves is an absolute necessity for mechanics as the temperatures drop. Fiddling with fuel pumps, changing cambelts or switching a sensor requires a mechanic to have full capability in their digits, and a quality pair of mechanic gloves will not go amiss. Hands aren’t the best in dealing with cold temperatures, so gloves are a must.
  2. Use an industrial heater – Working in an open workshop can get nippy when the cold months arrive. There’s nothing worse than getting underneath a vehicle with the discomfort and awareness of dropping temperatures. An industrial heater will go a long way to fixing that problem. Whether it be electrical or gas-powered, getting one of these in the workshop will provide constant heat and ensure that mechanics don’t fall victim to the cold.
  3. Wrap up in overalls – Insulated overalls are an absolute must for mechanics when operating in cold temperatures. The security of near-full body warmth is beneficial when under a car in the workshop or performing a diagnostic inspection by the roadside.
  4. An extra pair of socks! – This tip applies to everyone in winter but more so to mechanics grafting in the chilly months. The feet and toes – along with the aforementioned hands – are the coldest parts of the body. This is due to them being the furthest away from the heart – the primary blood supply of the body. So, an extra pair of socks will ensure warmth when walking around the workshop or surveying a vehicle during a pre-purchase inspection.